'Live' on the Web
Mixing technology and Shabbat. (read the story...)
Words to Transition By
"For the b'nei mitzvah, the day indeed marks a release of sorts. They are no longer children studying toward a day or a one-time event; they are young adults whose matured engagement with Judaism will bring new thrills and challenges." (read the story...)
One Family's Grand Celebration
A grandmother and her granddaughter share the bat mitzvah limelight. (read the story...)
Interfaith Simchas
Keeping the Kiddush cup half-full, not half-empty. (read the story...)
Angelina Jolie Helped Me Study Trope
How a sibling's obsession with celebrity played a key role in studying for the bat mitzvah. (read the story...)
Things They Wish They'd Known
Some advice from NY/CT parents on their Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences. (read the story...)
Taking Mitzvah Projects to the Next Level
Marking one's entrance into Jewish adulthood by helping those in need sets a precedent that can be continued for years to come. (read the story...)
Less Stress for Bar Mitzvah Success
Follow these five steps and you will focus more on having fun and not on feeling anxious and frazzled. (read the story...)
Go-Green Hits the NY/CT Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trail
And it is often spurred by young people themselves, who are involved in planning their parties and are increasingly aware of environmental issues. (read the story...)
Tips on Trope
How to help your child succeed with the Torah portion. (read the story...)
Project Mitzvah: Finding the Right Way to Do It Right
Mitzvah projects can run the gamut from raising funds for charities to creating ways to help the world around you in a unique way. (read the story...)
Looking Back: The Things I Wish I'd Known
Some advice from parents on their experiences. (read the story...)
Having it Both Ways: Spirituality and an Event to Remember
There are numerous ways to create a fun party atmosphere while simultaneously elebrating the religious transition from childhood to adulthood. (read the story...)
Bringing Non Jewish Family into the Service
My bat mitzvah experience was one that I will never forget. (read the story...)
How to Plan a Bar Mitzvah in Israel
This will, without a doubt, be one of your family's most memorable experiences ever. (read the story...)
What NY and CT Glamour Girls and Stylish Young Men Are Wearing
The latest fashions for bar and bat mitzvahs. (read the story...)
The Great Balancing Act
Managing bar/bat mitzvah prep ... and everything else! (read the story...)
How to make Your Caterer (Or Any Other Kind Of Vendor) Eat Out of Your Hand
Give your djs and caterers, florists and stationers guidance and decisions -- the smoother the whole process, the happier the result. (read the story...)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Trends in the New York Area
The experts weigh in. (read the story...)
Ten Steps to Less Stress
Eliminate the worry that often occurs in the final days and hours and minutes before -- and even during -- the Big Day. (read the story...)
Gifts for the NY/NJ/CT area bar/bat mitzvah child
What to give a kid who is having a bar/bat mitzvah? We've got suggestions. (read the story...)
Teen Issues for NY/CT/NJ Parents for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kids
The stress of a bar or bat mitzvah can be compounded by teen hormones. A psychologist/dermatologist/mom offers help for parents. (read the story...)
Non-traditional bar/bat mitzvahs in the NY Metro area
Don't want to have the traditional bar/bat mitzvah ceremony? Here's how one cantor handles it. (read the story...)
Family Affair: Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the NY Metro region
How do parents in Fairfield, Westchester and Rockland Counties include the whole family in their child's bar or bat mitzvah? we have the answers. (read the story...)
Budgeting for a NY metro region bar or bat mitzvah
Want to know what you will have to pay for when you host a bar or bat mitzvah in Westchester, Rockland or Fairfield? This comprehensive list ensures no surprises. (read the story...)
Defining bar/bat mitzvah terms
Unfamiliar with all the Hebrew words you hear before your child's bar or bat mitzvah. This glossary will help. (read the story...)
Bar Bat Mitzvah Tips from Westchester, Rockland and Fairfield Parents
'What I wish I'd known' before hosting a bar or bat mitzvah in the NY metro region (read the story...)
Focus on Bar/Bat Mitzvah
How NY and CT suburban teens can focus on more than just a party (read the story...)
Meaningful Mitzvah Projects for NY & CT Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
You child has to do a mitzvah project and you want to make sure it's meaningful? Read on. (read the story...)
Party Trends in NY & CT bar & bat mitzvahs
Sushi bars, Rock and Roll, and Wii The Latest in Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Trends (read the story...)
Dress & Suits for NY & CT bar & bat mitzvahs
How do you know when to shop and what to buy? This article will help with these important decisions (read the story...)
Bat Mitzvah: NY Teen Reflects
New York teen reconsiders her own bat mitzvah (read the story...)
Planning Details for a NY/CT Bar or Bat Mitzvah
What you need to know for the synagogue (read the story...)
How to Plan a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in New York or CT
Tips on planning a bar or bat mitzvah (read the story...)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah vs HW for New York Teens
How do teens in Westchester and Fairfield balance conflicting demands? (read the story...)