Things They Wish They'd Known
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by Karli Petrovic March 3, 2011


"An alternative to a big Bar/ Bat Mitzvah affair in the States is a celebration in Israel.   You may join a scheduled group tour or arrange your own private tour. The service takes place either on Masada or in Jerusalem and is performed by a Reformed Rabbi.  A comprehensive tour of Israel includes exploration of Jerusalem's Old City, a swim in the Dead Sea, a hike to the Ein Gedi waterfall, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, participation in an archaeological dig, kayaking on the Jordan River, visits to Roman and Crusader ruins, a jeep ride through the Golan Heights, and much, much more." -Tova Gilead, Wilton, Ct


"For the reception, arrange with the catering hall that you want a go-to person who you can expect will handle any and all issues that come up so that you can enjoy your guests. Consider having one of your close friends or family members be a liaison and represent you with the catering hall as well."
- Felice Griffin, New City


"The big thing I wish I had known was to put the younger adults closer to the dance floor and the band and older adults, my parents age, more towards the  back and away from the loud music." - Karen Demeter, Westport


"It goes by in a flash. You spend two years planning and it goes by in five hours. Savor each moment of the planning and savor the day because it's a memory that lasts a lifetime." - Joan Bergman, Woodbury


"I wish I had known that there was going to be a party taking place on the floor above ours on that day and that their DJ would be so loud that we couldn't hear my daughter's candle lighting poems without the thumping."
- Ellen Brody, Scarsdale


"I wish I would have known to attend a party at the place before I had mine. I would have loved to have seen the set-up ahead of time."
- Alicia Johnson, Norwood, CT



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